Latest Updates

Our latest version has the following updates/features:

  • Modified cancel button behaviour on Android. Now allows you to cancel during the detection process.
  • Limited the engine to only scan what is selected when in “Auto Mode”. “Auto Mode” was configured to allow various proof of age documents/photo cards that were not a driver's licence which resulted in throwing a 200 error and not the expected 230.
  • Back of card scanning timing has been set to the same as the front of the card for Android.
  • Applied the latest card detection updates which will improve back of card scanning capability and detection.
  • Medicare Response is now the same as iOS.
  • Animation flag has been added to allow for the “card flip” animation.
“CCDriverLicense.ShowBackAnimation = (Java.Lang.Boolean)true;”
  • Standardised response of JSON. The JSON response will now be like the following and will include Card analysis across both platforms (iOS and android). Removal of accuracy figures and ASF.

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